What is Gambling?

GamDog’s Answer: Gambling is risking money on a random activity or outcome such as sports betting or playing online slots.

Online Gambling Intro

Everyone has to start some where In GamDog’s online gambling introduction we explain how betting on the web works and sites to play.

Casinos vs Sports Books

Sports betting has been blowing up on the internet in 2020. Read what the Dog has to say about online sports gambling web sites.

GamDog Football Gambling

Gambling can be dangerous and is not for kids

In some countries you are required to be at least 21 years of age to gamble online and others have the age requirement at 18 for a person to experience real money gambling on the internet. For good reasons too. Of all addictions, in my personal opinion gambling addiction is the worst of all. I say this from experience having had to deal with the ups and downs of gambling for a living and battling addiction head on for many years.

GamDog Online Gambling Introduction

GamDog’s Online Gambling Introduction

Before you gamble online please take some time to read through the GamDog introduction to gambling in cyberspace.

The first thing you need to know is that its very RISKY and should be done with caution using conservative betting strategies.

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