How to become an advantage gambler?

GamDog Advantage Gambler Difficulty

Professional gambling is a career not advisable for most people. This is because its incredibly;y difficult to successfully execute the tasks required to make a profitable living as a professional / advantage gambler. The movies make it look easy and so does the internet. There’s plenty a website offering you loads of rich with their get rich quick schemes.

Don’t fall victim to all the internet scams. The truth and cold hard facts to swallow is that living the life a successful advantage gamblers is so difficult that I’d place it into a “near impossible” file. The reasons are a plenty as well and for good reason to.

In GamDog I don’t bullshit you with a bunch of fluff about how to get rich gambling. The facts are you’ll probably loose most of the money that you gamble online with.. I learned that the hard way. Take it from me, gambling is better navigated by joining FREE social gambling websites.

Benjamin Thomas

I created because I got fed up with all of the BS online about making money gambling for real. Every site I turned too makes it appear easy to make money gambling online. The reality is the challenge is a monster to tackle.

The reasons why its difficult to become an advantage gamlber only start with the complex mathematical skills required, My big mistake with my gambling career was thinking that because I’m great with math this would be an advantage. The GamDog can tell you that just now how it works.

The smarter you are, the more difficult the casino becomes to navigate. You’d think the opposite, right?

Is possible to be an advantage gambler ?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to be an advantage gambler. Blackjack is the game to be going after if you’re taking on the monumental task of becoming a professional gambler. Advantage gambling (“true” advantage gambling) is best played on a double deck blackjack game or a six deck blackjack shoe. Always play on tables that have rules which force the dealer to “stand” on all 17s. This is stop one in becoming an advantage blackjack player .

The movies make professional blackjack look easy. And its not that the challenge lies within the skill of the game. That part can be learned and mastered. The challenge lies in learning to navigate the road blocks and interference that you’ll most certainly face as a real advantage player.

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